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Don't Laugh But

Welcome to Don't Laugh But... my podcast with comedian Kirsty Hudson.

To our minds there aren’t enough female, midlifer voices being heard just chatting about regular stuff (not just motherhood!) so here we are - finding the funny in this crazy thing called life. Every week, with the listeners' help, we investigate a subject, sometimes heavy (death, disability...) sometimes light (parties, supermarkets...) in an honest yet friendly and (we hope), funny way. Think of it as going out for a coffee (or gin) with your best mates, but without the need to actually buy them drinks, or pretend you're listening.

Here’s a few of our reviews from our lovely ‘Butter’ family;

“Love this! Really enjoying listening to you funny, erudite, eloquent women and thinking 'Oh my god, YES' all the way through.”

“I love the honesty, cutting humour, vulnerability, trust and so much more.”

“If you’re looking for a different podcast, check this one out! I love the discussions! So real, intimate and funny.”


Do note that this isn't a podcast for the kiddies (firstly because they'd be very bored, secondly because there's a few fruity bits of language as I'm talking frankly as a woman, not as a children's author) but otherwise, come join us.

Click 'find us' to listen on your fav podcast ap, stalk us on Instagram etc., or 'listen now' to, y'know, listen now...

You’re very welcome.


Real women. Real stuff. Real stoopid.

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