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My Story

Rebecca was not so much born as assembled from potatoes, cat hair and sarcasm in Suffolk quite a few years ago.  A school project of Rebecca's from the age of 6 reads, "When I grow up I want to write and draw books", clearly a precocious little brat but still, if nothing else it proves that when she's made a decision she really can't be bothered to change it. After a 'brief' detour from this career plan involving wanting to be Stephen Fry, a degree in philosophy and a dull office job, she finally got round to doing the whole book thing . 


Since then she has become an award-winning (you won’t have heard of the award but come on, that sounds good, right?)and bestselling author of over 30 books for children. These include Just Because, a book about her daughter who had severe special needs and her ongoing series Owl Diaries which has sold 6 million copies worldwide. Her new YA novel, 'Pretty Funny' is due out in March 2020. (Published by Penguin, like actual Penguin. Which is dream-come-true awesome) And her mum really likes it.


When she's not story-making she can be found reading (everyone puts that as a hobby but really, I mean who doesn’t read? Even if its just the TV guide?), loudly venting her issues on the drums,  painting pictures only she appreciates, at the movies (again, everyone, right?), podcasting or just hanging out with her two sons, Benjy and Toby, her permanently frantic dog Frida and sarcastic cat Bernard.

My  Other Books
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Owl Diaries

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Unicorn Diaries

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Picture Books

My Books
Don’t     Laugh    But    Podcast

“Love this! Really enjoying listening to you funny, erudite, eloquent women and thinking 'Oh my god, YES' all the way through.”





If you want to get a personalised video message from me or end me a DM come find me on Cameo.

You can also find and follow me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.


If you're a fan of Owl Diaries and want to write me a real letter, please use this address;

Rebecca Elliott

c/o Scholastic Inc.
130 Mercer Street,

NY, NY 10012


And if you want advice on writing and illustrating children's books and getting published please see my free online course here;

And if you want to talk worky things please contact my delightful agent Laetitia.

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